Space. Horse head nebula.
G4s G-Force
Cable Ambrose III
Invites all of all disciplines to assess the evidence retrieved from the Siberian Archealogical dig of:
"the Chunder Tablets".
This on-line lecture will be adjudicated by the honourable "John Lynham" RCD RSA LTIA
Crystal artifact
"recent find"Awaiting assesment.
Tablet 1
Moving images
"extracted from crystal artifact"
L01-Tablet 01
CM01-Crystal movie 01

CM02-Planet Movie Metalic ring - Mass spectroscopy
Planet Movie Metallic ring - scanned Engineered object - found
CM02-Planet movie
SO05-Metallic ring
CM03-Engineered object
Resolved cranium video
Cranium movie

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This site will be regularly updated with evidences from the digsite in chunder! and others as and when materials become available. First evidences will be uploaded on 24/03/08